Glass/mirror Designer TV

No more black box on your wall!

Can you imagine a Glass/ Mirror TV concealment with amazing TV transmission that doubles as a decorative element in your interior?

We are excited to be your guide in pairing latest technology innovations with design trends.

Designer glass/mirrors TV can be integrated into interior designs, including in smart homes, hotels, offices, gyms, spas and other commercial premises. They are a perfect solution to give your business or apartment a fresh and trendy look as well as save space or hide electronics in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Designer glass/mirrors TVs can easily integrate into a design of your wall decoration paired with glass, wood, leather. We offer a variety of glasses from classic mirror to black glass, as well as a variety of shapes. What about an amazing round TV?

You can also choose from a whole set of frames to turn your TV into a piece of art framed with modern or classic frames in tune with your space design.

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